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HealthPartners Nest Region

Alison Howard

Alison Howard

This spring when you are cleaning out your closets and come across your gently used coats, jackets and hoodies ask yourself “Self, do I need all of these?" The answer is “no” because let’s be honest, you will most likely buy a new one next season anyway.

Let the HealthPartners Nest Region take the coats, jackets and hoodies off your hands to donate to local nonprofit agencies.
Don’t have anything to donate? Don’t worry- They also take monetary donations and just $1.00 can help to warm one adult or child.

Drop your items off at any of the Administration areas at the following clinics:
• Inver Grove
• Maplewood
• White Bear
• Woodbury
• North Suburban Clinic Drop off:
o Lino - Lunchroom
o Roseville - Lunchroom
o Hugo - Exam Room 8

*Be sure to get a tax receipt when you drop off your donation.

WHY are these things needed?
1 IN 6 CHILDREN- 1 in 6 children in America, roughly 12.5 million children, are living in poverty. Poverty among children increased from 12% in December of 2021 to 17% in January of 2022 alone.
37.9 MILLION people- 37.9 million people are living in poverty. For poor families and individuals, the winter months are more expensive and a present a bigger strain on their budget. Poverty among families increased by more than 4% because of the pandemic.
1.5 MILLION VETERANS- 1.5 million Veterans are living in poverty. The poverty rate of veterans is nearing 7% and growing each year.
25 MILLION SENIORS- 25 million seniors are living in poverty. Many seniors do not have enough income, or money saved to pay for a safe and stable place to live and other necessities such as food, utilities, and medication.
PEOPLE EXPERIENCING HOMELESSNESS- According to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, 582,462 people were experiencing homelessness in the U.S. on any single night in 2022.

Thank you for supporting the HealthPartners Nest team while
doing your part to spread warmth and love.

I collected 93 coats towards my goal!

I collected 64 coats towards my goal!


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