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My One Warm Coat Drive Page

Kuvare Kares

Kuvare Kares

Please join us in sharing warmth with One Warm Coat!

You can get involved by donating funds and/or coats.

Kuvare Kares One Warm Coat Drive

• Donate used, new, or gently worn coats through February 28th in the donation bins located by the front door in the Rosemont Office.
• You may also have the option of donating online to help us reach our goal! Kuvare Kares One Warm Coat Drive . Every $1 donated warms 1 person!
• Currently 37 million Americans are living at or below the poverty level and struggling to afford basic necessities.

Every $1 donated warms 1 person! Please consider donating to our coat drive, by clicking the "donate now" button to the right.

Please share this page with your family and friends - together, we can share warmth!


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675 coats
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